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50W 500-1750mA(200-240Vac)

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Product Introduction:
  • 1、Dimming interface: Triac/ELV, Push DIM
  • 2、Apply to leading edge and trailing edge TRIAC dimmers
  • 3、Built-in high performance MCU, dimming curve can be customized.
  • 4、PWM digital dimming, no alter LED color rendering index.
  • 5、Dimming range: Max. 0.1~100%.
  • 6、Multiple current, wide voltage, compatible with a variety of LED lights.
  • 7、Short circuit / Over-temperature / Over load / Non-load protection.
  • 8、Non-load output voltage 0V to prevent damages to LED caused by poor contact.
  • 9、Class 2 power supply. Full protective plastic housing.
  • 10、Compliant with Safety Extra Low Voltage standard.
  • 11、Suitable for indoor environments.
Technical Specs:
Dimming interface  Triac/ELV, Push DIM
Dimming range: Max. 0.1~100%
Input voltage  200-240Vac ±10%
Output voltage  10-54VDC
CC output:  500mA-1750mA
Output power 5W-50W
working temperature tc: 85°C ta: -30°C ~ 55°C
Dimension 133×89×30mm(L×W×H)
Package Size 135×90×35mm(L×W×H)
Weight (G.W) 240g±10g


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