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Digital pixel Music Controller LT-209

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Brief introduction
LT- 209 music controller support matrix mode and linear mode.Matrix mode based on the input audio or the received audio/the rhythm of the music produced the corresponding geometric LED color to achieve the effect of rolling jump, constitutes a music LED screen.Linear mode using a single audio data control the brightness of the LED lamps and lanterns of all pixels.
LT-209 music controller support control TM1809 series led tube(can also control based on compatible LED driver IC for LED lamps, such as LPD6803, LPD1101, D705, UCS6909, UCS6912, LPD8803, LPD8806, TM1803, TM1804, TM1809, TM1812, UCS1903, UCS1909, UCS1912, UCS2903, TLS3001, TLS3002, WS2801, WS2803, WS2811, WS2812, P9813 etc), maximum support 1024 pixels.
Support audio line input audio and a built-in microphone reception with live music, you can adjust the audio receiver sensitivity.
Built-in 16 kinds of changing modes, including a black effect,13 static colors and two DMX changing effects. What's more, DMX changing effect can also be affected by music control.

Performance Features
  • ● With LCD screen,easy to operate in showing all functions.
  • ● It's workable for the lighting controlling mode of pattern matrix and linear model.
  • ● Supports audio line input and built-in microphone for live music.
  • ● Audio receiving sensitivity is adjustable.
  • ● Built-in 16 lighting effects. Such as 7 colors brightness, 7 colors skipping, 7 colors smooth, etc.
  • ● Support the third party DMX512 interface, realize DMX management mode, and recall the most functions of controller via DMX Console.


Product parameter
  • LT-209 Digital pixel Music Controller

    Working Voltage DC12V (with an adapter to covert AC100~240V to DC12V )
    Power consumption <2W
    Output signal SPI(TTL)
    3rd part port DMX512
    Function Mode 16 modes
    Control Qty 1024 pixels
    working temperature -30℃~65℃
    Dimension L163×W125×H40mm
    Package Size L269×W129×H46mm
    Weight (G.W) 760g


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