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LED Intelligent Dimmer LT-3200-6A

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Brief introduction

LT-3200 series LED intelligent dimmer is dedicated to adjust the brightness of LED lights, which adopted the most advanced PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) digital brightness-adjusting technology at present, users can either operate manually or use the IR wireless remote controller to control the brightness in the distance, they are suitable for commercial and household 86-style socket installation, the socket can be installed outside or inside the wall. LED intelligent dimmer can meet different brightness requirements at different time, and can extend life tenure of LED, suitable for adjusting the brightness of both low-power and hi-power LED illumination lights, energy-saving.

Performance Features

1、0~100% brightness adjust, infinite knob style dimming+ wireless IR remote dimming, easy to operate;

2、4096 grey scales, soft & smoothly, without flicker.

3、25%、50%、75%、100% 4 DIY modes, fast adjust.

4、 4 DIY modes, with Fluorescent Indicator & delay off button, users friendly.

5、When load of constant current/voltage is beyond, add extra repeater to expand power.

6、Multi-types LED dimmer in CV and CC output, suitable for LED lamps in different circuits..

Product parameter
  • LT-3200-6A CV Dimmer

    Input voltage DC12~48V
    Max load current 6A
    Max output power 72W/144W/216W288W (12V/24V/36V/48V)
    Dimming range 0~100%
    Scale levels 4096 levels
    working temperature -30℃~55℃
  • LT-3200-CC CC Dimmer

    Input voltage DC12~DC48V
    Output voltage DC3V~DC46V
    Output current CC 350/700/1050mA 3 in 1
    Output power 1.05W~48.3W
    Dimming range 0~100%
    Scale Level 4096 levels
    working temperature -30℃~55℃
Noted: LT-3200-350, LT-3200-700 old model has stop production.
Packaging weight
Switch Dimension Remoter Dimension Packaging Dimension Weight (G.W)
L86×W86(mm) L86×W33(mm) L96×W91×H61(mm) 200g


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