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LTECH implemented its first phase of Stock Incentive Plan

Feb 01, 2016
LTECH implemented its first phase of Stock Incentive Plan for the following purposes: Further stimulate LTECH senior management and the core staff's initiative, responsibilities and mission sense; attract talent; achieve the sustainable, healthy and quick development; individuals and company share the development  benefits; eyes on the long-term development to realize a win-win cooperation. 
This current plan contains 1 million initial shares, 1.18  Yuan /share, applied for senior management and the core staff.   
Adhering to the core values of “ Gratitude, Aggressiveness, Innovation, Win-win”, LTECH strives to create the value chain of "customer - staff - enterprise - society" to achieve win-win cooperation. Equity incentive plan embodies the mind and pattern of LTECH founder to share interests, which not only enhances the inclusiveness of the ownership structure, but also plays an active role in improving management efficiency, strengthening corporate cohesion and market competitiveness.
In the future, LTECH will establish a long-term, multiple, dynamic equity incentive mechanism to motivate more aggressive and excellent employees and attract more talents to join us, aiming to build a better future.