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Project Case | The world's first "Forest Theatre"-Nine Trees Future Art Center

Oct 15, 2019

The world's first "Forest Theatre"-Nine Trees Future Art Center officially opened in September 2019. The art center is located in Fengxian District, Shanghai. It is the landmark project of "Art Business Card of South Shanghai" and also it's the first national A-class theater in suburb of Shanghai. Which has been popular among Shanghai audiences during the National Day, has accommodated thousands of tourists.

LTECH is proud to be the supplier of smart driver for the Nine Trees Future Art Center. Next, let us enter the world of lighting and explore the art of light and shadow!

The total area of the art center is 120,522 square meters, divided into 1,200 seats main theater, 500 seats multi-purpose theater, 300 seats theme theater, and two outdoor theaters, the Water Theater and the Forest Theater. At the same time, the art gallery uses a full glass material on the wall near the forest, and uses the lighting to make a finishing touch to create a unique artistic temperament.

Nine Trees Future Art Center during the day

Nine Trees Future Art Center during the night

During the day, the sun can project different light and shadow effects through the glass, allowing the theater to enjoy sufficient natural light, which is energy-saving and can create a special light and shadow atmosphere; at night, the glass curtain wall can reveal the indoor lighting, making everything look glittering.

In public areas, the art center uses a large number of strip lights and spotlights to create a layered and artistic atmosphere. With a well-designed lighting node, the gleam sweeps the space in an orderly fashion, full of fashion and fun.

In the theater, the art center adjusts the brightness of the lights in the theater according to specific needs, and the lights change quietly to show the best experience of the forest theater light environment.


The Nine Trees Future Art Center achieved the above perfect presentation by using LTECH’s 0-10V intelligent driver.

·LTECH original T-PWM Super depth dimming technology creates a stepless and subtly lighting change. Visitors can’t even feel the brightness changing.

·Can achieve 0.01%-100% depth dimming to satisfy the museum different areas with different light intensity demand .

·LTECH intelligent driver have been passed IEEE1789 stroboscopic test standard can provide a healthy lighting environment for the audience.No matter the audiences shoot through the mobile phone or the professional shoot for TV program, there will be no ripple phenomenon and makes the photo effect more perfect (For more information about stroboscopic, click here)

·With the most advanced digital circuit design, built-in high-performance MCU, support 5-in-1 dimming interface(0-10V/1-10V/PWM/RX/Push-DIM) , 100% compatible with various brands’ dimmers and control systems on the market, providing the best choice for commercial lighting control.

The lighting give the building spiritualities , and the lighting give the environment different atmospheres. LTECH insisted on technological innovation, and is committed to providing first-class products and best solutions and creating the most unique lighting environment for each project, helping customers to enhance the value of the project.