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4CH CV DMX Decoder LT-904

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Product Introduction:
  • 1. Designed with 4 channels output, and Max. 6A current per channel, up to 576W output power.
  • 2. Easy operation with OLED screen and the touch buttons.
  • 3. Support 2 kinds of DMX ports with signal isolation function: 4-pin XLR,RJ45.
  • 4. With RDM remote management protocol, the operations can be completed via the RDM master console, such as parameters browsing & setting, DMX address setting,equipment recognition, etc.
  • 5. With shortcut protection and over load protection, as well as warning function when fault.
  • 6. With fast self-testing function.
  • 7. High/low PWM frequency for optional.
  • 8. 16bit (65536 levels) / 8bit (256 levels) grey level optional.
Technical Specs:
Input signal DMX512/RDM
Input voltage DC12V~DC24V
Max load current 6A x 4CH Max. 24A
Max output power (0~72W...144W) x4CH Max.576W
DMX512 socket 3-pin XLR, RJ45
Gray scale level 8bit (256 levels) / 16bit (65536 levels)
Working temperature -30℃~65℃
Dimension L122×W110×H37(mm)
Package Size L127×W123×H41mm
Weight (G.W) 550g


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